Hiding the Evidence

Bathrooms quickly turn into interrogation rooms after a night out. Under the bright lights, your bathroom knows only the bad cop routine. Where were you last night? Did you chase a white wine margarita with some overly expensive Mexican beer? Did you eat the toppings off your nachos only to finally eat the tortilla chips when you forgot about your no carb diet? Were you kissing someone with a beard? The answer is yes to everything. Why lie? Your face is the only piece of evidence your bathroom needs to convict you. That huge pimple will send you to the esthetician’s chair if you let it get out of control.

Pimples cannot be reasoned with in any capacity. They are reminders that life without pimples is very short. Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solution  is your knight in shining armor (don’t wait for a man to save you from yourself).

This spot treatment consists of parsley extracts, tea tree oil, calendula and yarrow. Proven to reduce the blemishes in 48 hours, you can treat weekend backlash before slinking into your office chair on Monday. When applying this spot treatment, do not pour half of the bottle on your face. You will not like how it feels and it will dry out your skin. Apply just a small amount to each blemish. Wait a few minutes before applying the big guns (your foundation) to allow the treatment to sink into the skin and kill the bad bacteria. Slip back on the promise ring you wear to remind yourself to wait out for that perfect carb. Don’t  fall for just any crappy nachos.

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