Diorshow (Me the Money) Mascara

The Diorshow has a cult following.  You may have seen some of its long-lashed followers out on the town or crying in public without mascara smudges. The ‘show has earned its cred by being one of the most used mascaras at fashion shows and photo shoots for over ten years. There are currently 13 different mascaras to choose from in the Diorshow line. The original is the most popular. Its XXL brush delivers a creamy, buildable formula (containing waxes and silicone polymers) that allows the common user to look like a movie star.  All this is good and dandy as long as you can afford the price. The Diorshow can run you $25. Not too bad unless you factor in its dark secret. The Diorshow will not last you very long. Good luck trying to achieve clump-free lashes after a month. Those of you who frantically pump the wand up and down will have a dry wand in no time, because air gets into the tube.

If you want to use the ‘show year-round, it can cost you at least $300. Are dramatic runway eyelashes worth it? Only science can answer that question. “A longer lash creates more action in the eye area: The extended tip travels a larger arc during each blink. Since the human visual system prioritizes movement, fluttering those long lashes can catch, and keep, eye contact,” according to Robin Nixon’s article Beauty Beat: Eye-Catcher from Psychology Today. Ok, so long lashes can help you attract a mate. When you look at the fact that dating websites like Match.com charge about $35 dollars a month, Diorshow is saving you money. Having a date Saturday night or someone to help you move is a pretty fabulous benefit coming from mascara. To sum it up, it might be time to drink the Kool-Aid.


One thought on “Diorshow (Me the Money) Mascara

  1. polly says:

    Yargh! I have mascara problems, but I’m always looking for a savior. My eyes must secrete grease constantly because I have failed at both Diorshow AND Urban Decay’s supposedly ultra-waterproof Cannonball. Raccoon city after like an hour. I think I need to gain a better understanding of primers.

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