Hedda Lettuce-My Interview with the Six-Time Drag Queen of the Year Award Winner

Hedda Lettuce's Fabulous Self

Hedda Lettuce’s Fabulous Self

As a six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award winner by HX Magazine, Hedda Lettuce is one of the most acclaimed comedians and singers in the biz. Her satirical videos with original music are bar none some of the funniest you’ll ever see (and no she doesn’t lip sync.) You may have seen her on Sex and the City, Project Runway, The Dave Chapelle Show, Oprah, Ugly Betty, The Tyra Banks Show, the MTV Movie Awards and Too Wong Foo (I could go on). If you aren’t following her hilarious blog, check it out at heddalettuce.com. I was able to sit down with Hedda (at my computer writing an email) to ask her some pertinent questions about beauty.

What is one beauty tip that you think women can benefit from? Don’t paint your lips too far outside of the line otherwise you look like a clown (or, you’ve been intimate with a clown).

What is a total beauty or fashion faux pas that you want to change? Only a woman working in a cornfield should wear flats. Otherwise ladies, suck it up!

What do you absolutely need to have when hung over? A shot of whisky and a man.

How do you repair the damage from drinking? By drinking some more.

What is a must have from the local drugstore? A pregnancy test.

What is an annoying trend right now in fashion? That damn two toned hair! You know, one color on the top and another on the bottom. It just makes a girl look poor. Pick a color you silly bitches!

Favorite fashion icon. – a mash up of Charlize Theron and Cher.

Thank you Hedda for being a beacon of fashion for those in a storm of ugliness. Visit Hedda Lettuce’s website heddalettuce.com for more beauty, fashion and dating tips.

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2 thoughts on “Hedda Lettuce-My Interview with the Six-Time Drag Queen of the Year Award Winner

  1. A pregnancy test! Hilarious!

  2. omg this was Hilarious! She is tots FAB!

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