A weapon of seduction…

If you are like me and you love weapons (joking), you’ll be tempted to try this self-described “charming trump card and irresistible weapon of seduction” mascara. While the copywriters for Guerlain like to make strange sexy militaristic claims, they do back up their mascara formula with some science. This mascara contains three polymers. Generally, tubing mascara uses polymer to form tiny little “tubes” around each lash like a little icicle. This gives each lash, 360-degree coverage. Tubing mascara will also last even after a good cry. It might be the best choice during tax season. In this case, this mascara has one polymer to coat, the second to soften and the third to set.


How does it do? It works well as long as you use it with…another mascara. The Cils d’Enfer contains oils that will definitely condition lashes. In fact, my eyes stopped itching and my lashes grew after a month of use. However, I never achieved thick lashes. They were long and pretty, but not thick. Maybe, it’s me but I want it all. To achieve thick lashes, I backed up this mascara with Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Extravagant so now I have the best of both worlds: itch-free soft lashes that are also thick and smoky. Though the Cels d’Enfer does not “sculpt curves to perfection,” it is a great weapon for dried out lashes.


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