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Face Off

A One-Week Day Challenge with Nerium AD

When JoBeth Martin contacted me to try out Nerium AD Day and Night Cream, I had a couple reservations. First, I’m currently using a kickass night cream, Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. Second, I’ve never heard of the product before. So, I researched.

NeriumAD contains NEA-8 extract, which is derived for a plant called Nerium oleander. If you Google “Nerium oleander” you will find out from Wikipedia that it is an evergreen shrub that is poisonous. Is this what makes the “Nerium Difference?” A poisonous plant?

I read some more articles that both praised Nerium as a miracle cream and demonized the cream for having a toxic extract that supposedly can’t be absorbed through the skin. I have to say that the whole thing sounds pretty weird to me. Most of the other ingredients listed on their Day and Night cream are pretty typical.

After reading more articles and blogs while anxiously eating Starbusts, I started to get concerned about trying it on my face. In fact, I even found a TMZ story claiming that Ray Liotta filed a lawsuit against Nerium International for supposedly touting “before and after” pics of him using the product. The whole story around the product just gets weirder. To be fair to Nerium, most of the anti-Nerium rants where on janky Independent media websites and blogs. Also, the only established news source to report on the brand is a St. Augustine News site that reported on the company’s proposed one million dollar donation to the Big Brother/Big Sisters charity.

All this being said, am I really willing to slather on some toxic for fewer wrinkles?

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